Atlas Break Core Deck (SOLD OUT)

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Atlas Break is a fast-paced Deckbuilding card game. Invite your friends, choose your champions, and decide who conquers and who falls!

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Atlas Break is a fast-paced Deckbuilding card game. Invite your friends, choose your champions, and decide who conquers and who falls!

Each deck includes the complete set of cards to enjoy endless hours of 2-player battles. 🔷 4 Champion cards 🔶 4 Score cards 🔷 20 Starter cards 🔶 10 Gold Unit cards 🔷 14 Bounty cards 🔶 57 Market cards ✅ Instruction manual ✅ Champion Poser (chosen at random)

To make Atlas Break gameplay even more immersive, we built an interactive mobile app that allows players to easily calculate their scores at every turn. 📱 FREE to download. Find it at — There’s also a log of turns to prevent cheating. Both players can clearly see each transaction.

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4 reviews for Atlas Break Core Deck (SOLD OUT)

  1. Jann

    Great card game.

    Would card again.

  2. Grey (verified owner)

    I really want to like this game, I do.
    The setting, theme and art assets are wonderful and it is, at it’s core, a solid competitive deck builder. But mechanically, it’s just very simple. Too simple really. I love some lighter games, don’t get me wrong, but this feels a little too light, like some major feature was left on the cutting room floor. There are really just four effects: damage, healing, shield and money. I expected more interesting cards, and there are a few, but they’re mostly one time use(per game) abilites which leaves a majority of the mobs(which are your constant deck effects) as one trick ponies. When playing this, the most common things I heard at the table were “oh look, another mob that just gives X”. My players were constantly looking for ways to innovate with their cards but really it’s just come down brute forcing damage every time. Nothing bad here, just also nothing inspired either. I’d recommend it for the sale price and I hope there are more expansions(and mechanics) to come help flesh out the product. Overall, I can only really recommend the game for beginners to the genre(at least for now) as there just isn’t enough substance to hold onto an intermediate or advanced player’s attention. I’d love to give more detailed feedback if there was a way to do so and as always, want to thank the designers(of all aspects of the game) for putting out a product they believe in. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for y’alls future work.

    • Tracey Cola (verified owner)

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful review! It was interesting to read and I’m really grateful you took the time to write it. I’m actually kind of relieved you found it simple. One of our issues in the early days of development was that the game was far too complex. I wanted it to have ALL THE THINGS! But it was important to us to make the game accessible to those who are new to the genre and then add complexity and increase depth for those who want that added dimension with–yes, expansions! That’s definitely coming in the future. Thank you so much for your kind words and if you ever want to share more feedback or workshop with us, we’re really accessible esp via discord:

      I’m on there all the time. Thank you again for your support and detailed feedback! Best, Tracey

  3. Shaun Reno (verified owner)

    So we just played the first two games. First impressions: 1. I suck. I’m not nearly strategic enough and my wife wrecked me. 2. The card stock is fantastic. They are a good weight and seem durable. 3. As stated above, the game is simple. Not so simple as to take the fun out of it but I’ve only played two games. Overall we really like it. I’ve sit a few suggestions which I’ll leave in the blog.

  4. Shaun Reno (verified owner)

    When I said I’d leave suggestions in the blog I was thinking forum. Lol. I would love to see a new mechanic added in an expansion. I have an idea for gaining fame with each bounty and being able to spend fame for currency, damage, or influence. I would also like to see the game expanded for two more players. Twenty more starter cards is all it would take. I’d like more champions because champions are awesome. A few more cards in general that are perhaps a bit more intricate or dynamic. Something to mix it up a bit more. As stated above, there are some cool abilities, and then they’re gone. Maybe for a second expansion, another faction could be cool. A new alien race or something. Maybe focused around a new mechanic of some sort. Anyway, it’s a great game and it has a lot of potential for growth. I can’t wait to see what you do next.

    • Tracey Cola (verified owner)

      Wow, thank you so much for your thoughtful review and for this info! We have SO many plans for expansions and new mechanics. We wanted the game to be approachable but also provide added complexity and depth for those who want it. That will primarily take place in our expansions. We are actually just now announcing our newest Champion, the Assassin, which focuses on basically ruining all your opponent’s plans by altering their deck. If you want to get in on sneak peeks of those cards and provide more input (which we would love) you can join our Discord. That’s where we workshop and share player feedback and all that good stuff. Here’s a link:

      And thank you again, Shaun!

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