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Atlas Break

Keeping Score

By October 16, 2018March 2nd, 2019No Comments

One of the questions we faced as a team was, “How are we going to keep score?”

Atlas Break is a small card game. That means it’s a single box, no nonsense, just about pocket-portable package. I LOVE the gems of a game like Ascension. And there’s nothing wrong with going old school with a little pen and paper. We also discussed the possibility of enclosing dice to keep track. Who doesn’t enjoy the tactile sensation of something that brings you closer to great victory?

Well, practicality doesn’t always enjoy it. Creating an extra compartment in our box for something that will otherwise bang against our cards…not cool. And, extra components mean extra space, bigger box = less portable game.

Star Realms is a similarly small box, all card game, which uses cards with values on both sides (1, 5, and 10) to keep score, which I’ve used and found a bit of a bother, to pause in order to rearrange my score cards. (They also suggest the good ol’ pencil and paper route)

So, when our creative director came up with a few novel ideas to keep score, I was blown away by the simplicity and elegance of his solutions. Here’s the one that won out:

So first, let’s look at the central card in this draft: Champion Rizza Vice. Players of Atlas Break choose one of six characters at the beginning of the game. Each of these champions has these green markers up top which align with the Score Cards. Our game calls health “Influence” and the amount of influence a player has is determined by the location of the Score Cards behind their Champion Card.
In this image, Rizza’s Influence is at 25.
Not sure if this is a big deal to you guys, but this score-keeping method just so seamlessly integrated itself into the game, particularly because of our Champion component. And this stuff is freakin’ exciting!
Let me know if you’ve seen a score-keeping method like this before or if there are other score-keeping methods that are your favorites! (My favorite is still Ascension’s cool gems!)