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Can I organize local gatherings of Atlas Break tournaments?

We wholeheartedly encourage sharing your experience in public. If you and your friends discovered new ways to enjoy Atlas Break using your own rules, we would love to hear from you!

Can I stream and monetize Adrestia games?

Yes. Send us your Twitch or YouTube channel name because we’d love to see your content and promote you on our social media!

I'm working on fan art or planning cosplay of Atlas Break characters. Is that cool?

Go for it. Hit us up on Twitter and Instagram. We would be happy to re-share and highlight your creativity.

An item on your store is showing as not available. What happened?

If an item is sold out, you can rest assured that we are feverishly working to re-stock our warehouse. We do our best to anticipate the demands of players. In the event of an unexpected sales surge, we may be caught off guard.

How long will it take to get my order?

If the order is received before 12PM, it will ship out from our warehouse the same day. On orders received between 12PM and 2PM, we will make our best effort to get it shipped on the same day, but no guarantees. Orders received after 2PM will be shipped out the next day.

General shipping time estimates are posted below. Expedited and Overnight shipments are the only way to ensure a guaranteed delivery date.

Standard carrier options (domestic): 4-7 business days
Standard carrier options (international) 7-30 business days

Expedited carrier options (domestic): 2-4 business days
Expedited carrier options (international): 4-12 business days

Still have questions?

Click below to submit your questions directly to us and we will get back to in a timely manner.

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